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Job Titles, Documentation Engineering, Baseline and Web Features

Daniel Beck

In this episode of the Mechanical Ink podcast, Schalk Neethling sits down with Daniel Beck, a documentation engineer writer based in Amsterdam. Daniel discusses his extensive career in software documentation, emphasizing the importance of understanding the audience and balancing quality content with effective tooling. He elaborates on the challenges of identifying with job titles such as writer, engineer, or documentation engineer, and reflects on his experiences working on MDN Web Docs. The conversation explores the intricacies of contributing to open-source projects, highlighting the need for soft skills.

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At the heart of everything I do lies a deep commitment to building and nurturing communities. Whether it's contributing to open-source projects, producing podcasts, mentoring and educating, or embracing the role of a lifelong learner, fostering a sense of belonging and collective growth is my driving force.

Community, to me, is a powerful catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. It's a space where diverse perspectives converge, ideas are challenged and refined, and knowledge is shared freely. Within these vibrant ecosystems, we find the support and inspiration to push boundaries, tackle complex problems, and collectively shape the future.

The Collective

There are many ways to support the sustainability of open-source and the people and communities that maintain it. One way is through financial sponsorship. Each month I will feature a different project I rely on and encourage you to support it or use this as inspiration to find and support the projects you rely on.

If you run a business, it makes business sense to sponsor the project to ensure it remains healthy and actively maintained for years to come. If you are an individual, you can of course still contribute financially, but you can also show your support by talking about the project, writing blog posts, making videos, and writing tutorials. If you are in a position to do so, consider suggesting to your employer to financially support the project.


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