Filter by size of Array - MongoDB Compass

I recently wanted to filter documents in a MongoDB collection based on the number of entries in one of the fields, which was an Array type, using MongoDB Compass. For example, a document would look like this:

_id: ObjectId('63ae02088bba43f3ac0c89cb')
type: "PUBLIC"
connections: [
    0: {
        origin: "INVITE"
        provider: ObjectId('639a75f138a3513166742cb9')
    1: {
        origin: "INVITE"
        provider: ObjectId('63ae02088bba43f3ac0c89cb')

Normally, you would get the number of items with something like connections.length. However, trying { connection: { connections.length == 2 } }) is not the correct syntax. After looking at the MongoDB docs, I discovered that the correct syntax is to use the $size query operation.

  connection: {
    $size: 2;

That's it! The example document would be returned with the query above. I found out while looking up the documentation that there are many ways to find and filter documents based on Array field aspects. It's worth taking a moment to read the documentation and get familiar with what's available.

I hope this quick tip was useful. Happy coding!